Using Containers As Mini-VMs is NOT Cloud-Native!

Cloud and SaaS companies invented the notion of micro-services and the “cloud-native” model to gain efficient scaling along with continuous development and operations. Legacy approaches don’t work for global services like Facebook, Google or eBay, which are always on.... read more

Continuous Analytics: Real-time Meets Cloud-Native

iguazio combines real-time analytics, concurrent processing and cloud-native agility. We started working on this completely new approach to data management after witnessing countless customers struggle with traditional big data and analytics solutions. As a result, we... read more

AWS S3 Outage Signals We MUST Decentralize Cloud

Earlier this week, a significant portion of the internet was down due to an Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) S3 outage. While AWS blames the problem on the removal of a couple of servers, the real question is why have we created such a dependency on services like AWS? ... read more

Serverless: Background, Challenges and Future

Serverless computing is the latest buzz, driven by the digital economy’s demand for instant results without the hassle. The serverless concept is a prepacked flavor of modern cloud-native architecture which decomposes applications to multiple stateless and elastic... read more

2017 Predictions: Clouds, Thunder and Fog

The IT industry is still in flux and in 2016 we saw some tectonic shifts. Setting aside noise and hype, lets analyze the trends and predict what will likely happen in 2017. Rapid Growth of Enterprise Cloud Adoption It doesn’t take a prophet to notice the public cloud... read more

Did Amazon Just Kill Open Source?

After this week at re:invent, it is clear that Amazon is unstoppable. AWS announced many more products, all fully integrated and simple to use and if you thought infrastructure companies are its competition, think again. The new Amazon offering competes with... read more

VMware on AWS: A Scorecard for Winners and Losers

Last month Amazon and VMware announced a partnership which will enable VMware software to run on a dedicated space within Amazon cloud. This unnatural act is mainly due to Azure which is getting stronger, it is the only cloud provider with a real hybrid cloud story.... read more

Streamlined IoT at Scale with iguazio

iguazio announced its revolutionary Enterprise Data Cloud platform on September 27th, designed with a modern approach from the ground-up. iguazio’s platform serves millions of requests per second, scaling to petabytes and managed as a PaaS with extreme... read more

Cloud Data Services Sprawl … it’s Complicated

Legacy data management didn’t offer the scalability one finds in Big Data or NoSQL, but life was simple. You’d buy storage from your vendor of choice, add a database on top and use it for all your workloads. In the new world, however, there are data services for every... read more